The mission of The Grammer Group is to increase student academic performance by supporting campus leaders in the improvement of their craft.

Every school principal must go through extensive course work at the graduate level in order to become an administrator.  However, by no fault of their own, it is my belief that the university system does not provide school leaders with all the tools they need in order to become successful.  Universities simply do not have the time to teach all of the skills necessary and still prepare students to pass the certification exam.  My goal is to fill that void in training.

Through my writing, public speaking, and consulting, I provide school leaders with resources to assist them in refining their craft.  My experience as a campus administrator has provided me knowledge in curriculum and instruction, staff management, student management, technology integration, organizational management, crisis management, stakeholder-school relations, communication, crisis management and time management for the school leader.  My hope is that by sharing experiences and acquired knowledge I can provide school leaders with resources to better prepare them for day to day decision-making and possibly avoid some of the pitfalls that myself and other leaders have experienced.

     Carlin D. Grammer M.Ed.